Monday, August 9, 2010

Backpack Gift Card

My granddaughter will be four on Wednesday and her Great Grandmother asked us to pick up a gift for her.  She heads off to Junior Kindergarten in September so I thought a new backpack would be a perfect gift for Nana to give her.  The problem is that she is so tiny that the backpack will have to be fitted to her so I made this card with a pocket inside for some money and Mommy can take her to get just the right backpack.

I opened the image up in Word, scaled it to the size I wanted, duplicated it, flipped and rotated the second image and then aligned and nudged it up to the first image until I had a fold-over card shape.  I printed it three times, first on colouring card stock, then on purple and pink card stock (the favourite colours).  From there it was just a case of cutting, colouring the flowers and paper piecing.  Then I made a little pocket inside for the money.  Once it was all done, it looked really cute but the darn thing would not stand up so I made a little piece to to bridge the front to the back at the bottom inside.  I glued it down at one end and attached it with a tiny piece of Velcro at the other end.  Now it stands and she can get it open to get that money out.  We have her brainwashed to think that money has to go into her piggy bank so I hope we can convince her that this time she can spend it.

Image:  Backpack (Create with TLC)
Card Stock:  Pink and Purple (Recollections)
Colouring Medium:  Pencil Crayons (Prismacolor) with OMS (Taltine)
Tools & Embellishments:  Button (Dollar Giant)


  1. Love this shaped card, Cec! Adorable!

  2. Cec, this is absolutely the cleverest and adorable. She's going to love it. Her Nana is pretty darn smart.

  3. This is so very clever!
    She is going to be so excited!

  4. Very clever idea! Lovely creative genius! the bag/card is just adorable. let us know what she does with the LOOT $$


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