Wednesday, March 30, 2022

The Magpie's Nest - An Art Book

Hey there, I know I have only posted once since the pandemic started but I have been creating lots and was just not in the mood to edit photos. I still don't feel like editing photos but I really wanted to share my most recent project.

I am sure many of you are aware that a fabulous artist and entrepreneur named Jeanne Oliver has a platform where she offers online courses from a variety of artists and in a variety of practices. I have purchased a few over the past few years and my latest one is a course by Aimee Irel Bishop called The Magpie's Nest. So often I start these courses and then set them aside intending to come back and finish them but sadly I have a bad habit of getting excited by something new and the unfinished projects pile up. Sound familiar? Well I was a good girl and actually worked on Aimee's course from start to finish. Naturally I got carried away and created more pages than I probably should have so it took a while but it is done now.

I took the photos yesterday and did some minor editing on each one but there were way too many to put in a post so I created a slideshow (easy and free with Windows Video Editor). There is a lot of mark making on a variety of papers and fabric. I have dyed some of the papers and fabrics and added embellishments that I have created with ink, paint, stitching and so on.

I hope you enjoy my fun art book. I plan to be back soon with some more of my pandemic art.