Thursday, December 15, 2011

Show Me Thursday

I have never participated in Show Me Thursday at Sassy Cheryl's blog but I am going to show you my desk today. Now, those of you who chat at Sassy Cheryl's PCP group know that I have been making a little red velvet skirt for my 5 year-old Granddaughter and she chose the fabric.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT let a 5 year-old choose fabric because if the fabric is velvet you must be prepared to curse, cry and vacuum a lot. The only up side of this is that after Christmas, the little red bits are my daughter's problem but chances are good that I will hear about it.

Here is a photo of the little red bits under my task lamp (hence the yellow glow).

And here is a view with the skirt.

In order to try to minimize the mess, this skirt has two sets of seam binding on the hem and I have zigzagged all the edges I couldn't cover with seam binding. This is not my best job but my Granddaughter will love it and grow out of it in no time so I am not going to stress about that part.

Now all I have to do is get this into a box with the pink tights and the red and pink sweater I bought her in England when I was there in September. Oh yes and I have to hope that it fits because if it doesn't, I am not making another one in velvet.

Since she is asking Santa for Barbie dolls for Christmas, I have decided that my sewing machine is actually broken so that I don't have to make itty bitty Barbie clothes. I suspect that I would have to put a long straw in the scotch bottle if forced to sew those.

My next project is to make cookies but I won't be showing you those because they have to go right in the freezer so I am not tempted to eat them. Cookies are lovely morsels but they are 20 seconds in the mouth and 20 years on the hips :)


  1. Oh Cec, I hear you on the velvet. It's not bad enough that it makes such a mess, but that the top piece and the bottom piece don 't want to move at the same time through the sewing machine, can really have you pulling your hair out. If I had to sew Barbie clothes, I know I would take up drinking. Great SMT.

  2. Cec im with you on velvet been there done it and never going back thete. I made my nephew a waistcoat. Well i think she will look gorgeous in it, get them to take pics so we can see her bet she will look adorable.Well done you x

  3. Oh Cec, you just make me laugh! I love reading your posts and enjoy your sense of humor so much! I would have to put the long straw in the scotch just to think about sewing a skirt of any fabric! How I wish we were neighbors and you could teach me~ I'd even provide the scotch!!!

  4. Your DGD is going to look absolutely wonderful and tell everyone how her Grandma made it for her. The smile on her face will be so worth the lint battle!. Would love to see a picture of her in the outfit! Merry Christmas to you! Linda

  5. how funny about the barbie doll cloths.. I never had a barbie but had a different just as small doll. my mom made prom dresses, swim suits, little hats, shawls. pants, well you name it and she made it.. I am surprised it didn't drive her to drink!!!!!
    your little one is going to love this sweet outfit!
    fun seeing your project!

  6. What a fabulous skirt! She's going to love it. I'm with you, I'd say the machine is broken. But if you do happen to make something . . . .just grab your long straw and go with it. LOL
    Thanks for playing in your first ever Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday! So glad to have you.

  7. I'm sure your granddaughter is going to love this red velvet skirt, Cec! Thanks for sharing with us this week.


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